Expertise and innovation for simplified and secure identity verification

Avoid identity fraud and its financial and reputational consequences during your identity verification processes by using digitalized and instant KYC services provided by experts in identity and cybersecurity.

RFID chip scan

The new identity documents and passports are equipped with an electronic chip, a standard in civil aviation. Seren.ID uses asymmetric cryptography to scan this chip and verify the electronic signature of states, which thus guarantee the veracity of the document. This method enhances the reliability of the identity verification process.

Facial and liveness recognition

Seren.ID, the application developed by SerendpTech, utilizes facial and liveness recognition to verify the identity of users. This advanced technology allows for real-time and secure authentication of individuals by comparing their face with the photo on their identity document.

Recording of authentications in the blockchain

Once authentication is successful, the transaction is recorded in the blockchain. This ensures traceability and data integrity, while providing optimal protection against fraud and tampering attempts.

Discover our use cases

Each sector has its own identity verification challenges, each sector has its solution.

An application for faster identification

Mobile application

Available on major operating systems by secure invitation, available on Android and iOS

Digitalized and outsourced

A fully digitalized and outsourced identity management, dematerialized transactions, with no personnel costs


A certified management tool that complies with the latest European regulations (GDPR, KYC, PSD2, eIDAS, eIDAS v2, NYS) and American regulations, and updates from major online service providers.


Enabling a legally valid electronic signature with a time-stamped veracity report.


Compatible with over a billion identity documents worldwide

Advanced cryptology

An advanced cryptography software. Full data encryption

An accessible implementation

Fast and without interruption

A rapid implementation in your information systems, accessible to all and without interruption in the customer acquisition process thanks to our API.

Flexible licensing

A pricing model tailored to your needs and additional services available on request

Be Serene.

Transformation of customer relationship services
  • Assistance in digitizing sales and contact points
  • End of administrative complexity
  • Instant identity verification
  • Proximity, simplification, and humanization of the commercial relationship
A real plus for your business
  • Improved customer acquisition
  • A service suitable for all sectors (banking, insurance, retail, local commerce, services, telecommunications operators, etc.)
  • An affordable license and additional services available upon request
  • A fully dematerialized application, without personnel costs


They trust us:

A team of experts in Cybersecurity, Legal, and Functionality

Serendptech brings together a team of experts in cybersecurity and personal data.
  • 45 years of cumulative experience
  • 15 internal and external developers
Our expertise:
  • eIDAS (july 2016) Electronic Identification and Trust Services
  • Privacy by design : GDPR (April 2016) General Data Protection Regulation
  • DPS 2 (january 2018) Payment Services Directive II
  • NIS Directive (Network and Information security)
  • US NYS recommendations
  • FIDO Alliance recommandations
Our institutional partners:
  • ANSSI: Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’information
  • SGMAP: Secrétariat Général à la modernisation de l’action publique
  • Gendarmerie Nationale
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CEO & Co-Founder
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Strategic Advisor
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Directeur commercial
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